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SOLA Calendar

SOLA Calendar



Chabad of South La Cienega

Calendar - 2017/2018

Dear Friend,

Preparations are under way for the printing of our very first SOLA calendar. Chabad of South La Cienega will be producing this attractive multi-color publication and mailing it to the Los Angeles Jewish community free of charge.

We believe this is an extraordinary advertising opportunity to market your business or services to the Jewish community.  Unlike newspaper ads that are seen once and discarded, this business promotion will benefit you continuously, as it is displayed in homes and offices throughout the community the whole year round, thus ensuring optimum visibility for your products or services, and maximum return for your dollar.

The calendar will also feature opportunities for your  family's special occasions, i.e. Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Yahrzeits, birthdays and anniversaries, to be printed in the calendar.

Your participation helps us with this worthy endeavor, as well as with our other efforts on behalf of Jewish continuity. We appreciate all your support of Chabad SOLA.

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Any questions please contact Rabbi Avremi at 718-308-7019 or