Shabbat Services

Shabbat Services

Join us for Shabbat Services at Chabad of Sola.  
The traditional service is designed to guide you step-by-step and will make you comfortable regardless of previous exposure and background.  This, coupled with modern Jewish melodies and an easy to read prayer book translation will make Shabbat prayer services an enjoyable and meaningful experience for you.

Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat Services

Our Friday Night Kabbalat Services begin with a Mincha service  five minutes after candle lighting.  This is followed by Kabbalos Shabbos. 

Shabbat Morning Services

Shabbat Morning Services begin with a Tanya class at 9:10 am Shabbat Morning Services at Chabad of Sola are held at 9:30am.  A simultaneous Children's Program is held, offering parents a chance to pray as their children are in the secure environment of our ever popular children's program.   A highlight of our Children's Program is the "Children's Cholent"! 

A Community Kiddush takes place after services and all are invited to attend.

Shabbat Afternoon Services

A Daf Yomi and Rambam Shiur takes place a one hour before the Mincha Services.  Mincha Services are held at candle lighting time.  Click Here to find out this week's candle lighting time.  We conclude the Shabbos by teaching and singing Chabad Nigunim.  Additionally we will learn a Chassidic Maamar.